Dining Out in Peoria/Glendale


Let’s talk barbecue. Let’s talk sandwiches so loaded with smoked goodness that they’re virtually impossible to lift and need to be eaten with a knife and fork. Let’s talk about baked beans sweeter than your first high school crush and ribs so delicious the pigs would line up to be so flavored. You know, if [...]


Okay, so this technically is taking place in Glendale, but since it’s only a mile down Bell Road from the Peoria border … Oregano’s, a locally-owned pizzeria, finally is coming to the West Valley. In fact, renovation of the former Joey’s of Chicago on the northwest corner of Bell Road and 67th Avenue began this [...]


Things to Do


We watch the news from around the country in wonder of the natural disasters that take place in other areas. Hurricanes up and down the Atlantic Coast. Tornados in Oklahoma, Joplin, Tuscaloosa and throughout the Midwest. Superstorm Sandy and the destruction wrought in New Jersey and the boroughs of New York City. Heat waves? We [...]


Personally, I no longer need to worry about such things now that the kids are in their teens and the wife and I can abandon them here with the promise of Domino’s. For those not quite so fortunate, the Rio Vista Community Center in Peoria presents Parents’ Night Out every third Saturday. And, according to [...]