Shopping in Peoria – The Big Box Conundrum


When I started putting this site together, it seemed natural to have a tab dedicated to shopping. What I envisioned was an area where I would feature businesses that are not just located in Peoria but also locally owned.

That, dear readers, has turned into one hell of a challenge.

You see, Arizona is the home of the so-called “big box” store. You want the national franchise, we’ve got it here and all over here. And in Peoria, between the power centers surrounding the Arrowhead Towne Center, Park West and the stores at Happy Valley Road and the Loop 303, we’ve got just about all of them covered.

What Peoria doesn’t seem to have in vast supply are the mom-and-pop kind of places, at least not other than nail salons and restaurants (which are covered on the dining tab). That sort of defeats the purpose of what I wanted to do here.

So, instead, here’s what I’ve got with help from the folks at Shop Peoria First. Click here for an interactive map of shopping in Peoria; look below for a static map so you can see where the main shopping areas are at a glance.

And lastly, this request … if you know of a locally-owned store in Peoria, mention it in the comments. I’d love nothing more than to feature it here so we can keep our dollars here in Arizona and Peoria where we need them.


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